Monsoon (a traveling) Kitchen

A monsoon sweeps in unexpectedly, inciting a joyful celebration of life and fertility. As the desert ground soaks up the much-needed nourishment, we humans feel refreshed & sated, reveling in a sense of awe and wonder.

We chose the name Monsoon for our supper club and catering company because we feel a deep sense of connection to the earth and its bounty, and we like to think our food creations sweep over diners leaving them sated and refreshed in a similar way. We’ve been told our supper clubs are “an experience,” defined by a flurry of cooking and conversations.

We focus on local Tucson-grown food whenever possible (sourced mostly from Tucson CSA). And our menus are always based on whatever’s in season – bringing you the freshest and most flavorful menu possible.

The “traveling” part comes from our willingness and eagerness to move and adapt to any setting you may have in mind, be it in your backyard, out of the back of a truck, or in a public park. We like to think of ourselves as “cooking ninjistas” who are able to awaken and enliven any space with our pretty vintage tablecloths and mismatched antique tableware.

Most importantly, we love working with clients on fulfilling different food visions. We not only help you transform your space, or help you find a space, but we help you develop a menu that is inspired by your own food loves. We often start by asking clients’ favorite dishes and ingredients and going from there. Creative, inventive, fun dishes are our specialties.

We have a wide variety of influences ourselve

s: we take cues from French, Spanish, Mexican, Middle Eastern and good ole Southern cuisines – and we love exercising our expertise at adapting menus for vegan, gluten-free, nut allergies, dairy allergies and any other food preferences.

Take a look at some of our different events below. And feel free to ask for references. Thanks!